Bacon is the most miserable, lonely creature you can imagine. He's different from the others. Like a butterfly in a cage full of moles. Until one day his world gets turned upside down as he accidentally destroys Father Time's hourglass. He can't die anymore and suddenly has to deal with the phantoms of his former lives. And while the forces of darkness try to take advantage of Bacon's newly acquired talent, he finds himself in the center of a massive conspiracy.

'To Hell With Dave' is a narrative-driven adventure platformer for the connoisseur of the absurd. Explore a world full of charming characters and twisted humor. If you're a fan of challenging action, wacky puzzles and foul language, this game is for you!


'To Hell With Dave' is like a coop game, but you play it all by yourself. Every time you die, you create a ghost that is either helpful or makes your life more difficult.


  • Interact with your ghosts to master difficult challenges and puzzles
  • Discover creative and entertaining ways to kill yourself
  • Cute pixel graphics and a heartwarming atmosphere
  • Explore a beautiful world full of charming characters
  • Challenging gameplay, but also suited for beginners
  • Simple and accessible controls


  • English (work in progress)
  • German


Although 'To Hell With Dave' is a funny game, suicide is a very serious topic. If you don't feel well, please get help!


Play with the keyboard or your favorite controller.


To play the game just follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Install the DirectX June 2010 Redistibutable (if needed)
  4. Launch 'ToHellWithDave.exe'

Have fun!


The demo includes the first 20 minutes of the game. The order of the levels has been changed to have a quick and solid introduction to the game mechanics. Also some passages have been made easier to ensure a quick play through. I hope you like where it goes, and I would love to hear your feedback!


thwd_demo_win.zip 131 MB